MitraUK Membership

1Personal Membership
Membership is open to anyone that has a connection with Maharashtra and is living in the UK or those that lived in the UK and have moved to other countries

This gives you access to the forum and discounted rates on events where there is a fee and allows you to advertise events that are free to the rest of the group.
2Organisation Membership - Marathi Organisations
This membership is free for any Marathi Community Organisations in the UK.
This allows you to add your events to the MitraUK whether you charge or not as we want everyone in MitraUK to support all organisations.
3Organisation Member - Non community Groups
Many of you are looking to advertise your marathi centric events to the group. We are currently reviewing options for this membership.
This is for anyone else that would like to have their information posted on our site
We are currently reviewing options for this membership

Social Media

We have a Facebook Page and Group.
You can follow us there or join the group
In order to post your events or services however, you will need to take out a membership on the website using the same email address
We have a Twitter handle @MitraUK
Follow us there for updates on the website and information about upcoming events.
Many of you will be using LinkedIn.
For those that want to connect to others in that forum please head to LinkedIn/MitraUK
4Slack - Forum
Slack is the forum site used by MitraUK to communicate
Those of you that are website members will be given access to the site
This is where members ask for help and share information.
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