The Marathi Book Collection started in 2004.   Manjiri & Jaydeep Apte contacted me at MitraUK and asked if there was a way of starting a library.  At that time, there wasn’t a library in London that had books readily available.  With help from Vikrant & Renuka Kelkar, Usha Gore and a few others, we set about requesting books.  To become a member of the library you needed to either donate or lend two books to the library.  Manjiri and Jaydeep made their conservatory available to house the books and bought bookshelves to hold them.  Renowned author and teacher V.P. Hemant Kanitkar was invited to peform the puja to open our library.

Manjiri and Jaydeep & family would offer tea and snacks, members would often bring something to share.  Books were lent out and discussions would take place on what they had read with everyone there.  Manjiri and Jaydeep did this entirely for free and along with Vikrant & Renu and Mum and I giving up time on a monthly basis was a big commitment.

After Manjiri and Jaydeep decided to returned to India, we had to find a way of making the books available to as many people as possible.  We asked everyone if they would be happy to allow their books to be made available and those that wanted them, had their books returned to them.  By 2009 interlibrary loans were more available and the decision made to find a library to hold them and make them available to the Marathi reading public all over the country.

The project took a few years whilst I worked to get contacts and build relationships and finally got agreement with Slough Library to get our books shelf space.   Finally in November 2011,  the first set of Marathi books were delivered and processing started.  None of this would have been possible without the co-operation and support of the Slough Library Stock Unit  Up until then, no Marathi books were available here.

Those that require particular thanks are Manjiri & Jaydeep Apte, Vikrant & Renu Kelkar & Usha Gore, without them the Library would never have started or been so successful and  everyone that has contributed books and those that continues to do so.   Donors such as Dr Vijay Parnaik, donated over 60 books and gave us £50 to spend on new books. Dr Meena Bhide gave us 20 books.  The list of all contributors is available here

Public Libraries: Books available through inter-library

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