MitraUK has 4 membership options

  1. Yahoo Groups
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter


Yahoo Groups is the main membership facility.  It is a closed group so is secure and you can request to join by clicking on the logo below.  Your membership will be approved and this gives you access to sending and receiving emails from the whole group.  Members use this facility to ask for help with specific questions, send information that other members may find useful and inform each other about events, activities and news that might be of interest to everyone.  You can choose whether to receive individual messages every time they are sent, a daily digest that combines the messages into a single email, or just to receive special messages that are sent by the moderator. To request membership please complete the following form

Facebook is an open group where those that prefer facebook can communication.  This is growing in popularity and here as with the yahoo group, events are posted, people ask for help or send out information that others find useful.

LinkedIn has been set up so that MitraUK members can have a connection with other members from a business perspective.  Here you can start discussions, network with other MitraUK professionals.  Membership of this group also requires approval.

Twitter is there for those that just want to get updates about events and news from MitraUK.  We normally update the site every once in a while and post details about events as soon as we here about them.  You can follow us if you want or simply look at the twitter messages on the home page.

For those that do not want to join the group, simply visit the website where you will get access to events and other information through links as they become available.