Theatre: Marathi Play: Ek Lagnachi Pudchi Goshta

Theatre: Marathi Play: Ek Lagnachi Pudchi Goshta

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Theatre: Marathi Play: Ek Lagnachi Pudchi Goshta

Saturday, Mar 9, 2019, 1:30 PM

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Presented by Charuta Entertainments

Taking a cue from modern-day marital situations, writer-director Advait Dadarkar presents a story of Manisha and Manoj’s life from premarital to post-marital days. While the setup is modern, the traditional values are retained, making this sequel of the hugely popular play Eka Lagnachi Goshta a laugh riot. The play unfolds in a series of hilarious situations and some clever lines. Prashant and Kavita are effortless and the pair’s chemistry is easy and crackling. And yes, the popular songs Hi pari asmani and Sukh mhanje nakki kay asta too feature in the play, much to the audience’s delight, making Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta a must watch.

Running Time: 2 Hours 30 minutes (Interval 30 Minutes)

Please RSVP Yes if you are interested in attending, whether you have bought a ticket or not and then answer the question to indicate which tickets you have bought and paid for, or which tickets you would like.

Tickets are priced as follows
£75(Meet and Greet);

All seats currently available

Contact Information for the event

Harshwardhan Soman – 07534547800
Charuta Soman – 07760635237

Bookings are by phone (no online bookings)
Terms: No refunds or cancellations of the ticket.

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