Historical Tour Associated with Freedom Fighters

Historical Tour Associated with Freedom Fighters

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Godbole Kaka runs a Historical Tour Associated with Freedom Fighters

You start from Euston Square station and visit the house where Mazzini, the Italian freedom fighter lived in exile during Italy’s freedom struggle against the Austrians. His life greatly inspired Veer Savarkar. From here we visit the following places :-

(1) University College London.
Madanlal Dhingra studied for Diploma in Civil Engineering in this college. He shot and killed Sir Curzon Wyllie in 1909.

(2) House in Highgate of Shyamji Krishnavarma.
He offered a scholarship to Savarkar.

(3) House where Veer Savarkar lived (1906-09).- This was India House


(4) House where Tilak once lived (1918-19)

(5) Pentonville Prison
Madanlal Dhingra (1909) and Udham Singh (1940), went to the gallows here. Both were denied cremation according to Hindu rites, and buried in coffins within prison premises.

(6) Gray’s Inn
where Savarkar studied Law, but was not called to the Bar for his freedom struggle activities.

(7) Houses of Parliament
Savarkar came here to listen to debate on Indian Budget (1906)
Tilak came here to testify on behalf Indian Home Rule League in wake of Montford reforms. (1919).
In 1984 we paid homage to Savarkar in Committee Room No 10 during his birth centenary.

(8) Present Foreign and Commonwealth Office –
This was India Office (1858-1947). Savarkar came here to meet Sir Curzon Wyllie. He also made his studies for the famous book Indian War of Independence 1857, in the India Office Library. Lokamanya Tilak also visited the India Office Library in 1919

(9) Caxton Hall
Savarkar held many of his public meetings here (1908-1909)
In 1919 Tilak condemned the Rowlatt Act and the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. In 1940 Udham Singh avenged this massacre by shooting down Sir Michael Odwyer, Governor of Punjab at the time of the massacre, in the same hall.

(10) House where Swami Vivekanand lived in 1896.

Please note the host is Godbole Kaka
You can contact him on 01234-357388
or email him at v.godbole3@ntlworld.com

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Historical Tour of London Associated with Indian Freedom Fighters

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